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When It All Comes Together 


It's Capital.




Coaching & Training

Branding, Marketing,

Media & Publishing

SEO, Social,

Web & App Development


Live & Web Events

Financial, Franchise

& Tax Strategies

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Building Your Business
Shouldn't Have To Be Overwhelming.

Learning How Effective Your Business Is ... Shouldn't Be Either.

When building your business becomes too much to manage or too difficult to navigate, it can stop being a joy - and identifying both what is wrong and why is key.


Business and relationship coach Dr. Henry Cloud is fond of saying "The best predictor of future outcomes is the past", so getting an objective opinion on past performance details is critical for a smooth business flight in your future. 

Don't let bad information or a lack of information lead your business to a stall-out.

Let Your Business Fly Far & Fast


We Believe You Can Fly
...But Not Without
A Flight Plan.

 Learn + Install a 6-Step Plan to Grow Your Business More Effectively 

At Capital Conscious, we follow the Business Made Simple blueprint for building and growing businesses, which has helped over 10,000 organizations clarify their message, increase awareness, gain momentum, and build capital.


Signup for Small Business Flight School and learn the 6-Step Process in Community Cohorts with group coaching. Contact us for Small Business Flight School 'White-Glove' and we will directly serve as your guide to walk through the program with you, and work with you to implement the frameworks and execute the deliverables that come out of the process.


5-Star Online Business Training + White-Glove Service

Sign-up for Business Made Simple

Work the 6-step plan to grow your business that over 20,000 business owners and executives trust, through on-demand courses, member webinars, and an exclusive community, with the addition of Capital Conscious 'White-Glove' Service.


Simply request a consult with us, and then sign up online through our exclusive Business Made Simple link below. We can't wait to meet with you.


Rethink and Reframe
Your Collective Capital...


Building real-world, actualized capital is a matter of both dollars and 'sense'. Harnessing the pillars of human, intellectual, creative, social, and financial capital, and building upon proven business strategies, we can help empower your businesses to fly far and fast. 


At Capital Conscious, we believe in the transformative power of conscious capitalism, where businesses thrive due to the cohesion of all pillars of capital, not only for your success but for the betterment of your company, community, and world.


Why not work with a company designed to intersect all forms of capital, for a more integrated solution and promising future?

Consulting, Coaching, Training

Develop Your 
Human Capital.


Leadership Coaching 

Increase self-awareness, foster effective communication, and cultivate capital-conscious thinking that permeates your organization.



Receive tailored guidance & support working thru the Business Made Simple framework, and achieve breakthrough growth for your organization.



Achieve meaningful goals, promote a holistic approach to your well-being, and lead a more fulfilled, purposeful life while making the most of your human capital.



Stay current on essential business trends and practices, increase productivity and efficiency through integrated training, and foster a culture of continuous learning.

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Build Your
Intellectual Capital.


Strategically building intellectual capital within an organization serves as the foundation for designing innovative products or services that resonate with and captivate their target audience.


Intellectual capital, encompassing the collective knowledge, expertise, and insights of the workforce, forms the bedrock for creative ideation and problem-solving.


With Capital Conscious, you can harness the intellectual capital of our collective organizations, relationships and resources to craft unique and customer-centric products, services and solutions. Why not request a consult or get on a Product Design Mastermind Waitlist?

Branding, Marketing, Design & Print

Increase Your 
Creative Capital.


Branding, Marketing
& Publishing

Develop a strong brand, build customer trust, drive awareness, sales, and establish a competitive voice and edge in evolving markets.


Digital & Print Applications

Harmonize both digital & print assets to deepen reach among diverse audience segments through various channels, maximizing your impact.


SEO, Social, Web
& App Development

Implement SEO, develop robust web and app assets, and leverage social media collectively to enhance online visibility, and user engagement.



Enhance user experience by creating intuitive spaces, enhancing navigation, and fostering positive, accessible environments.


Improve Your
Social Capital.

build through networks, cohorts + EVENTS

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” - Seth Godin


There is no question - the cultivation and enhancement of social capital holds immense significance for both organizations and entrepreneurs in today's interconnected and dynamic business landscape, but possessing a roadmap and the relational capital to build community platforms is key.


In a world where success often relies on collaboration and cooperation, organizations and entrepreneurs who invest in building and improving their social capital are better positioned to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive in their respective endeavors on their way to building community that matters.

At Capital Conscious, we not only have a team to help you build and communicate with your tribe through existing platforms but we are also equipped with a state-of-the-art event center to help preflight and/or hold live events.


If you're considering creating, communicating with or gathering a tribe of your own, Capital Conscious is here to help.

TradFi, Defi, Forex, POS eCommerce

Maximize Your 
Financial Capital.



Develop stability, establish regulatory frameworks, and build a reliable and secure foundation for various financial transactions and investments.



Achieve financial diversification, global market accessibility, and the opportunity to profit from fluctuations in currency exchange rates in forex, empowering you and your organization to navigate and capitalize on international economic trends.


Tax Strategy
& Services

Secure strategic and sound tax solutions, optimize financial planning, minimize tax liabilities, and ensure compliance, enabling you to retain more of your earnings, foster sustainable growth, and navigate complex tax landscapes effectively.



Build your financial muscle through the transparency and autonomy of defi, by engaging in borderless and permissionless transactions, democratizing access to a wider range of financial services.


& eCommerce

Discover lean debit, credit, and now defi debit processing solutions streamline transactions, reduce operational costs, and enhance efficiency, providing businesses with a cost-effective and agile payment infrastructure that can adapt to evolving financial landscapes.


What Others Are Saying

“I have had the pleasure of contracting the leadership of Capital Conscious to work with on the brand refresh of Sage Stone Wealth Management as well as a brand build for my nonprofit for the elderly. They were able to phase the rebrand of my company in a way that delivered within the first 45 days for a large community event, while developing a brand refresh for an educational organization I sit on the board for, and build a brand for my nonprofit all within a 6-month window.


I lean into Capital Conscious and its brand expertise for my most critical projects and initiatives. They possess a proven track record and performance that has helped fuel the successful launch or relaunch of the organizations I oversee, and I  have no plans on changing.” 


Mary Naber

President + Founder of Sage Stone Wealth Management

"As a strategic partner and collaborator that served both onsite and off-site on several key projects for the Assemblies of God, the leadership of Capital Conscious possessed an ability to balance our strategic needs, communication concepts, and logistical considerations for beautiful outcomes. In the first year contracted, they shepherded very critical and complex launch campaigns for multiple brands through numerous concept iterations and shifts in direction, as well as provided on-site leadership for staff of multiple departments. In an evolving internal leadership, Keith Locke was able to interpret the ideas and concerns of changing key stakeholders and create cohesive and successful campaigns for products and events consistently under often tight timelines."  


Susan Blount

Previously, VP of the Assemblies of God Marketing Products and Publishing Divisions

"I have had the privilege of working with Keith Locke, CEO and founder of Capital Conscious on the branding and marketing of my company, Shiptivate - as well as having serviced me at my prior shipping company, J.B. Hunt. 
Locke has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to both think strategically as a business owner, while taking my thoughts, visions, ideas, and craft strategic customer-centric storytelling, and oversee the implementation a dynamic identity and messaging system. On both occasions, the development and deployment of brand harmonization allowed my business to approach the marketplace with a distinct and compelling advantage in brand personality and presence. Capital Conscious is my "go-to" for brand and business development.

Linc Cassady

Founder and CEO of Shiptivate, Inc.

Stream of Conscious

Capital Resources

Conscious Thinking.
Capital Results.

Marketplace Success Starts with Marketplace Wisdom.

StoryBrand and its parent company, Business Made Simple, have garnered significant attention in the business world for their innovative approaches to marketing and business strategy.


Founded by Donald Miller, StoryBrand offers a compelling framework for clarifying messaging and effectively engaging with customers, while Business Made Simple provides practical resources and training to help entrepreneurs and leaders navigate the complexities of running a business.


At Capital Conscious, we use these widely successful frameworks to walk with you - not simply in developing mission-critical strategies, but in walking out the execution and implementation of the strategic deliverables with you.

We look forward to connecting.

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